about me

Welcome to my work space and my life.
I'm a little handcraft camera maker located in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. I love photography in particular large format, collodion, pinhole photography and wood... so with the union of this passions was born in 2009 StenopeiKa.
In the first years i produced wooden pinhole camera, but since 2013 i started also a production of large format cameras and accessories for alternative photographic process.

Now i propose the new series of cameras for lovers of wood fragrance and unique pieces.

I wait you in my workshop to show you the evolution of your camera day by day.

In the pictures, me with StenopeiKa tailboard 40x40 cm, the photo was taken with StenopeiKa tailboard 5x7 and wooden lens Sine-Igne 200 f4, tintype.

Interview by Lina Bessonova