Large Format Plus: Air Force 4×5 + 2 film holders + free ship + Video course

994,00 Vat NOT included

I remind you of the offer that is about to expire:

  • camera: Air Force 4×5 497 € (this is a price valid only for the launch of the camera, then the price will rise to €597) + vat
  • 2x Film holder 4×5 140€ + vat
  • FREE SHIPPING (only for the duration of the offer)
  • Video course: How to use large format camera FREE instead of 497€
  • Total 637 € instead 1.144€

The whole package for €637 + VAT including shipping instead of €1,234 + VAT + shipping, minimum savings of €597.

The easiest way to get into the world of large format photography on the right way, in a single package, everything you need to enter the world of large format photography.


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