Stenopeika build your ULF folding camera

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Folding camera ULF based on Stenopeika 810se2 folding cameras project.

Build your ULF folding camera, choose wood (iroko, mohogany and Cypress 100% tuscany) and format.

In any case with StenopeiKa you will have two focusing systems (fast and focus focus system).

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Build your ULF Folding camera based on Stenopeika 810se2 folding cameras project.

Completely redesigned for a cleaner design offer two focusing systems, one fast and the other fine place under the focus glass, for a quick an comfortable camera setup.

The independent movements and controllable with a single knob offer the possibility of a total image control without surprises during the working session.

Now available in Iroko wood (dark wood), Mohogany wood (cherry color), and Cypress 100% tuscany wood (light color).

Peso 25 kg

cypress 100% tuscany, Iroko

Camera formats

16×20, 14×17


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