X camera 4×5 – professional camera

1.257,00 Vat NOT included

X camera is a new 4×5″ professional camera by StenopeiKa.

Very light and thin on this camera you find fine focus system, professional focus ground glass, and advanced back for graflock roll film holders, separate and independent movements, mechanical zeroes on all movements, very rigid body made of aluminum, standard in iroko, cypress or olive wood.

Movements on the front:

  • rise/fall 3 cm
  • tilt on baseboard +20/-90°
  • tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
  • swing +/- 14°
  • shift +/- 2 cm

Movements on the back:

  • tilt on baseboard +90/-20°
  • swing +/- 14°

Max extension 33 cm

Min extension 6 cm

Weight 1,5 kg

20x23x7,5 cm when close

Linhof lens board

Available bag bellows

NOTE: Camera made on order, ask for delivery times here [email protected], lens and lens board not included

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