How to convert your wetplate camera into a film camera with film holder StenopeiKa


This morning i’ll show a new product that integrates even more the Stenopeika offer for a traditional photographer.

With a NEW FILM HOLDER StenopeiKa is possible and very very easy convert your wetplate camera into a film camera.
In the video i’ll show you a new film holder and i explain the features.

QUESTION: why choose a magnetic film holder?

Because… SPOILER for the next video:

  1. with this new accessory you could save the money for fidelity film holders back
  2. for a ultra large format is easier to insert a chassis from behind that does not fit it on the side
  3. very nice design because is the same of your camera

So now you just have to watch the video!

I remeber you who the black friday 2017 offer is still active, and you could receive the holder in the video for free if you accept the offer here.


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