Air Force 8×10 PRO

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I want to take your photographic experience to new heights with a series of amazing adds-on:

Simplified Chassis Insertion: Thanks to an intuitive design, you can now insert the chassis with both hands, ensuring unparalleled ease of use.

PRO-Level Viewing: The heart of the Air Force 8×10 PRO beats with ground glass taken directly from the top range camera, the Leonardo 8×10. Lightweight, defined, and exceptionally luminous, the new glass offers unmatched sharpness and brilliance, transforming every shot into a masterpiece.

Enhanced Details with Fresnel Lens: I’ve enriched your vision with the addition of the Fresnel lens, ensuring even light distribution and astonishing details. Every captured image is now enriched with extraordinary clarity.

Renewed Robustness: I’ve strengthened the front structure, increasing the thickness of support brackets from 2 to 4 mm. The mechanism separating the rise/fall and tilting on the lensboard has been enhanced with the introduction of aluminum, ensuring superior clamping force. Face side winds with confidence, knowing that your camera is built to withstand the toughest days.

The Air Force 8×10 PRO is the choice for artists seeking the best. Elevate your large-format photography and capture the world with clarity, detail, and uncompromising style.

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NOTE: Camera made on order, ask for delivery times here [email protected], lens and lens board not included



Technical features:
Movements on the front:
rise/fall 5 cm
shift +/- 2,5 cm
tilt on baseboard +20/-90°
tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
swing +/- 20°
Movements on the rear:
tilt on baseboard +90/-20°
swing +/- 14°
Max extension 75 cm
Min extension 10 cm
Weight 3,7 kg
lensboard: sinar

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