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hand tailored large format cameras from Tuscany - Italy

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StenopeiKa 810se2 folding camera cypress wood from Tuscany, Italy

Hyper camera 4x5 basic - the first affordable folding camera

Hyper camera 4x5 advanced full optional

Large format photography

cameras and accessories for large format photography and alternative photographic process

Folding cameras

Traditional photography but new excellent wood and design, two focus systems and an incredible experience in control of image with independent movements

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Tailboard cameras

Modular large format cameras, design like 800's cameras but thinking for a modern collodion and film photographer, extensible in format and length in any moment

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Wetplate holders

Wetplate holders from 4x5" up to 20x24" with same dimensions of commercial fidelity film holder, and, on request, custom

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Lens with wooden barrel and glass lens design for portraits

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Contact print frames

Contact print frames for alternative photographic process, format A4, A3, A2 and custom on request

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Ciao Ragazzi After the official presentation of last week, today i show you an other configuration of X camera 4×5″ in Iroko wood and an important accessory, the bag bellows. Here you find the page product: https://www.stenopeika.com/prodotto/x-camera-4×5/ And here you find the last week about X camera 4×5 in Olive wood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-mIvMQIt5E&t=4s Enjoy it 🙂


Ciao ragazzi! After some weeks i’m ready to show you the new X camera 4×5″ by StenopeiKa, your new super light professional camera! Yes!!! because with its 1.5 kg is one of the lightest large format cameras on the market, plus with its very small size 23x20x7.5 cm make it one of the most easily […]


Ciao Ragazzi!!! Today no cameras but another story that we’re going to do with a StenopeiKa camera, the Hyper camera 8×10″: Hyper camera 8×10 A few months ago I presented the Im Anina project, made with StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera, now we come back (me and Paolo) in Romania to finish the work started, but […]


Ciao Ragazzi! After many weeks i’m coming back with a new video! This time, however, the protagonist is Giulio Speranza who has brought the new Hyper 8×10 camera https://www.stenopeika.com/prodotto/hyper-camera-8×10/ in the mountains, at 2000 meters, to photograph the north wall of Terminillo (central Apennines, Italy). So, the hyper 8×10 camera is so compact and light […]

directly from my workshop

StenopeiKa 8x10 tailboard modular camera

This camera was born for everyone who haven’t got clear ideas of format and technique that he want to make.
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StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera

New StenopeiKa 4x5" folding camera available for pre-order. Available in Iroko, mohogany and Cypress wood, and also with wooden or carbon fiber baseboard.
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