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hand tailored large format cameras from Tuscany - Italy

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X camera 4x5

Very light (1,5 kg) and thin camera (20x23x7,5 cm when close). On this camera you'll find fine focus system, professional focus ground glass, and advanced back for graflock roll film holders, separate and independent movements, mechanical zeroes on all movements, very rigid body made of aluminum, standard in iroko, cypress or olive wood.
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StenopeiKa 810se2 folding camera cypress wood from Tuscany, Italy

Hyper camera 4x5 basic - the first affordable folding camera

Hyper camera 4x5 advanced full optional

Large format photography

cameras and accessories for large format photography and alternative photographic process

Folding cameras

Traditional photography but new excellent wood and design, two focus systems and an incredible experience in control of image with independent movements

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Tailboard cameras

Modular large format cameras, design like 800's cameras but thinking for a modern collodion and film photographer, extensible in format and length in any moment

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Wetplate holders

Wetplate holders from 4x5" up to 20x24" with same dimensions of commercial fidelity film holder, and, on request, custom

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Lens with wooden barrel and glass lens design for portraits

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Contact print frames

Contact print frames for alternative photographic process, format A4, A3, A2 and custom on request

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Ciao Ragazzi! Today no cameras, i’m sorry but It’s time for great news, in fact, as the video title says StenopeiKa arrive to Australia!!! From January 2019, in Sydney, you can admire 🙂 the StenopeiKa cameras because there will be a corner shop. For Australian friends who want more information here is the contact: Romain […]


Ciao ragazzi new experiment today This time don’t talking about cameras but I made a small survey of the “intermediate” edition of Lucca Fotolux, biennial photography festival held every two years for the city of Lucca. The festival, in its full version, is very similar to the Arles model, that is with the various exhibitions […]


Hi Guys After the black friday… new monster camera today!!! I’ll show you the new StenopeiKa 14×17″ folding camera. Stenopeika build your ULF folding camera Some features: Camera fold dimensions 61x61x18 cm Weight 11 kg Max extension 1 meter


Ciao Ragazzi Also this year i have a super offer for you for the black friday 2018!!! Watch the video and follow the instructions: See you soon