Archi-mede 4×5

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Archi-mede 4×5 folding camera is the folding camera by Stenopeika design for architecture.

With minimun extension of 7 cm this camera will allow you to use a 75mm lens without using the recessed lens-board, at the same time with an extension of 42 cm it will also allow you to use most of the popular portrait lenses without any problems because the front part is directly derived from Michelangelo 4×5. The universal bellows will allow you to take advantage of the camera movements without changing bellows up to 90 mm, to fully exploit the potential of the camera with lower focal lenses I recommend the bag bellows (magnetic).

On this camera you’ll find fine focus system, professional focus ground glass, and advanced back for graflock roll film holders, separate and independent movements, mechanical zeroes on all movements, 3 holes (two 1/4″ and one 3/8″) for tipod socket, very rigid body made of aluminum.

The standards are available in iroko, cypress or olive wood.

NOTE: Camera made on order, ask for delivery times here [email protected], lens and lens board not included

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technical features:

Movements on the front:

  • rise/fall 3,5 cm
  • tilt on baseboard +20/-90°
  • tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
  • swing +/- 14°
  • shift +/- 2 cm

Movements on the back:

  • tilt on baseboard 0/90°
  • swing +/- 14°

Max extension 42 cm

Min extension 7cm

Weight 1.9 kg

23x22x11 cm when close

lensboard: linhof technika 99×96 mm

Available bag bellows

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

cypress, iroko, olive