In line with the new EU Directive of 23 June 2011 on online consumer rights:

The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal from a distance contract without penalty and without indicating the reason, within 14 working days from the order and ONLY for non-customizable products HYPER CAMERAS in the formats indicated on the web site and AIR FORCE (for ONLY formats 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10) and ACCESSORIES (wetplate holders LF, Contact print frame, film holders etc).

Customers cannot exercise the right of withdrawal on orders for customized or non-prefabricated products, this category includes the cameras of the RENAISSANCE CAMERAS and AIR FORCE 11x14x 12×20 and 14×17 (and any custom formats) on the website www.stenopeika.com, as this type of cameras are completely customized (and customizable) and they are made exclusively to order.

Likewise, customers cannot exercise the right of withdrawal on products (all types of cameras and all types of accessories) where a customization made upon request by the customer has been requested (the law specifies that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on “tailor-made or clearly customizable products”)

The right of withdrawal must be expressed by sending a written communication to Doc Creativity soc. Coop. within the established term (within 14 working days from the order), in any case, customers cannot exercise their right on advance invoices.

Furthermore, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on NON-CUSTOMIZED products in the following cases: products purchased with VAT number for professional purposes, products included in a contract negotiated with Doc Creativity soc. Coop. and then finalized by placing an order both online and at our offices.

Customers must return the product at their own expense to Doc Creativity soc. Coop. within 14 working days from the day of delivery. The returned product must not be damaged, show signs of use, must be returned in its original packaging and must be capable of being put back on sale as received. In any cases Doc Creativity soc. cooperative. will pay the shipping costs for returning the items.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised according to the following directives, Doc creativity soc. Coop. will refund the customer with the exclusion of shipping costs for returning the items within 45 working days after receiving all the returned products and after verifying the perfect condition and integrity of the original product packaging. In the event that customers do not comply with the directives and terms of the Right of Withdrawal, Doc Creativity soc. Coop. will not be able to refund any type of sum: we can only return the product at the customer’s expense.


All the products in the catalog are handmade and as such are to be considered unique pieces, small defects that do not affect their use are part of the product itself.

Digital products

By law, the customer who purchases as a consumer has the automatic legal right to withdraw from contracts relating to the purchase of digital content on www.stenopeika.com. The same applies if the user purchases a subscription for digital content. However, when purchasing digital content on www.stenopeika.com, the user acknowledges that such digital content will be immediately available to him and consequently undertakes to waive his automatic legal right of withdrawal. In the event of a reservation, the user waives the right of automatic legal withdrawal from the moment the Product is made available to him.


Items always travel at the customer’s own risk (Article 1510 of the Italian Civil Code). Our responsibility is limited to the delivery of the items to the courier; once the items leave our warehouses it is no longer our responsibility. This means that if the customer receives the items damaged during transport, he cannot claim compensation from our company in any way. However, we do give customers the option to guarantee shipping by paying the amount for the additional service. If the shipment is insured with this procedure by the customer, the items will be fully protected; if the items arrive damaged, the customer must promptly notify us, and after our verification of the material (by return by the customer or in some cases explicitly accepted by us through photographic proof) the items will be returned.