Air Force 4×10

997,00  (1.216,34  with VAT)

Air Force 4×10 is the evolution of affordable landscape large format camera Hyper camera 4×10, derived from the Air Force 4×10 is an entry level and affordable 4×10 camera designed to fit into a hiking backpack with lightweight equipment.

3 kg, 30x20x10 cm when closed, 52 cm max extensions, is the perfect camera for your adventure with 4×10 format.

NOTE: Camera made on order, ask for delivery times here [email protected], lens and lens board not included



Technical features:

Movements on the front:
rise/fall 5 cm
tilt on baseboard +20/-90°
tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
swing +/- 14°

Movements on the rear:
tilt on baseboard +90/-20°
swing +/- 14°

Max extension 52 cm
Min extension 7 cm
Weight 3 kg

Lensboard: linhof technika 99×96 mm

Additional information

Weight 3 kg