Maseiinverso? black and white paper reversal kit

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An extraordinary alternative to direct positive paper, which is expensive and often unavailable, is the goal set by the black and white photographic paper inversion kit “maseiinverso?”



Initially designed to facilitate the transition from the 8×10 format to the 11×14 format, coinciding with the launch of the Air Force 11×14, the world’s first affordable ULF (Ultra-Large Format) camera, it quickly became an alternative to traditional film use for both smaller formats and for portrait and landscape photography.

The kit, produced by Bellini foto srl, with whom we conducted the entire experimentation phase, consists of a bleach and clarifier that allows you to use photographic paper instead of film, obtaining direct positive prints without the need for an enlarger or dedicated darkroom facilities for this type of photography. This results in significant time and cost savings.

The photographs produced will be unique pieces, and the only way to replicate them will be through digitization.

Give free rein to your imagination because from today, even the format will no longer be a problem!

The process is usable only with black and white photographic papers.

Content: 1 liter bleach part A – 1 liter bleach part B – 1 liter clarifing bath – user manual (to develop 4/5 m2 of photographic paper).

User manual: maseiinverso user manual

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