Michelangelo 4×5

1.549,00  (1.889,78  with VAT)

Michelangelo 4×5 folding camera is the top of the range large format camera in the Stenopeika line. Designed to meet the extreme demands of a 4×5 format field camera, it extends up to 52cm and can mount lenses up to 450mm due to the very solid structure. Like all top-of-the-range cameras, each movement is separate and independent and each has its own mechanical zero. Equipped with 2 focus systems and a ground glass fresnel lens makes focusing really easy.

Available in Iroko wood, Tuscan Cypress and olive wood.

NOTE: Camera made on order, ask for delivery times here [email protected], lens and lensboard not included


technical features

movements on the front:
rise fall: 5.6 cm/4.8 cm
shift: +/- 1.6 cm
tilt from baseboard: 23°/90°
tilt from lensboard: limited from bellows
swing: +/- 14°
movements on the rear:
shift: +/- 2.1 cm
tilt from baseboard 30°/90°
swing: +/- 14°
max extension 52 cm
dimension when close: 23.4cm x 19.1cm x 9.5cm
Weight: 1.9 Kg (aluminium version)
lensboard: linhof technika 99×96 mm

Additional information

Weight 3 kg