Air Force 11×14

2.039,00  WITHOUT vat 22%

Air Force 11×14 is the real revolution! The first affordable ULF in the world!

Derived from the Air Force platform and with 2 years of field testing, it finally sees the light today and this extraordinary camera will allow you to enter the world of ultra large format without risks!

In fact, to make it even easier to enter this incredible world, 11×14 film holders are now also available here and above all another great novelty, the inversion kit for “maseiinverso?” which will allow you to shoot directly onto the print paper and get a positive!!!



Technical features:

Movements on the front:
rise/fall 7 cm
tilt on baseboard +20/-90°
tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
swing +/- 20°

Movements on the rear:
tilt on baseboard +90/-20°
swing +/- 20°

Max extension 93 cm
Min extension 8.5 cm
Weight 8 kg

Dimensions when closed: 50x48x17 cm

Lensboard: Deardoff

Additional information

Weight 15 kg