Antique lenses (100+ year old) with contemporary LF camera and film

The first September raindrops, and especially the return of most of us to work, may have affected your mood. So, I hope that this small contribution, or rather Nick‘s (a happy owner of an Air Force 4×5), can somehow brighten your day.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the astonishing and exciting results from Nick’s recent experiments using the now widely known Air Force 4×5 camera in combination with very old lenses, some of which are over 100 years old. These experiments have opened up new creative possibilities and allowed us to explore our equipment in an innovative way.

Here is a list of the lenses that Nick used during these experiments:

  • Ross of London Teleros 9 inch f5.5 (c. 1924)
  • Emil Busch Rapid Aplanat No 2, 8 inch f6 (c. 1905)
  • Perken, Son and Rayment Rapid Rectilinear 9×7 Optimus (c. 1895)
  • Oscar Simon Anastigmat Casket lens set (c. 1905)

Additionally, I can’t help but mention that the beautiful Mel graciously agreed to be the model for these experiments (you can see for yourself in the video). Her presence added a touch of elegance and unique beauty to every portrait captured during this photoshoot under a typically English sky…

Nick has dedicated time and energy to explore the potential of these antique lenses on our Air Force 4×5, and the results are truly impressive. The images captured with these lenses have a unique atmosphere and charm that harks back to the aesthetics of vintage photography.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to share more images like these with you through our social channels and website. We are excited to receive your feedback and comments on these new experiments and hope they inspire you to further explore the creative possibilities of large and ultra-large format cameras available in the StenopeiKa catalog.

We thank you for your continuous support and interest in our passion for photography and look forward to sharing these exciting discoveries with you.

As always, I am at your disposal for any questions or clarifications.

If you haven’t met Nick yet, you absolutely must! He has a passion for the 4×5 format and has already delighted us with his incredible field tests and more. Nick has created a video introducing the camera (here) and another where he takes photos… of owls! Owls and large format are not a very common combination, so the video (here) deserves a few minutes of your attention.

See you soon,