X camera 4×5″ – the new super light camera by StenopeiKa

Ciao ragazzi!

After some weeks i’m ready to show you the new X camera 4×5″ by StenopeiKa, your new super light professional camera!

Yes!!! because with its 1.5 kg is one of the lightest large format cameras on the market, plus with its very small size 23x20x7.5 cm make it one of the most easily transportable, in fact I use it in a bag for Ipad!!!

So, I’m very excited about this presentation, I worked a lot on this camera, I had it tested before Silvano Magnone (here the link to the video of the trial), and to Giulio Speranza, and only after passing these two tests I decided to present it!

You can see others pictures here:



This is the technical features:

Movements on the front:

rise/fall 3 cm
tilt on baseboard +20/-90┬░
tilt on lensboard limitated from bellows
swing +/- 14┬░
shift +/- 2 cm
Movements on the back:

tilt on baseboard +90/-20┬░
swing +/- 14┬░
Max extension 33 cm

Min extension 6 cm

Weight 1,5 kg

20x23x7,5 cm when close

Linhof lens board

Available bag bellows