when tradition meets technology – X camera 4×5 carbon fiber and olive wood

Ciao ragazzi!

After the version with olive wood, Tuscan cypress wood and Iroko wood, today I’ll show you the last version of X camera 4×5, with olive wood  but with carbon fiber instead of aluminum parts.

replacing aluminum with carbon fiber makes the camera much more rigid while maintaining the technical characteristics unchanged (dimensions and movements).

Furthermore, for the launch of this new product there is a super offer for you, watch the video and follow the instructions:

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Sinar shutter on Hyper Camera 5×7

Ciao ragazzi

From today you can also use your Sinar shutter on the Hyper camera 5×7 using a magnetic adapter made by me specifically for a customer.

As you can see from the video, these are two magnetic flanges that will allow you to remove the shutter whenever you want and then use the camera with or without this accessory without any modification.

now it’s your turn 😉



new contact print frame A2 by StenopeiKa

Ciao ragazzi

Today I’ll show you the new features on contact print frame A2 format, the comparison with A3 format and the in-boxing!

for more info:

or here: