FACTORY SECRETS: contact print frame assembly phase

today I will let you into my small workshop and let’s see an assembly phase of the A3 contact print frame, another novelty, the protagonist of the video is not me but Lisa who I will present to you in the coming weeks … stay tuned

Contact print frame: https://www.stenopeika.com/prodotto/contact-print-frame/

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oggi vi faccio entrare un po’ nel mio piccolo laboratorio e andiamo a vedere una fase montaggio del torchietto formato A3, altra novità, il protagonista del video non sono io bensì Lisa che vi presenterò nelle prossime settimane… restate connessi

pagina prodotto: https://www.stenopeika.com/prodotto/contact-print-frame/

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A really useful accessory for Michelangelo 4×5 cypress wood and carbon fiber

Like last week, also today I will show you an intriguing configuration of the Michelangelo 4×5, in cypress wood and carbon fiber, but combined with a really useful accessory, especially for those who prefer wide-angle lenses, that is the bag bellows.

In fact, the soft (or bag) bellows allows you to use the wide movements that Michelangelo makes available even when the two standards are very close, a typical situation when using optics from 90 mm downwards.

As per tradition, this bellows is also easily interchangeable with the traditional bellows thanks to the magnetic system, the trademark of StenopeiKa cameras.

To show you the versatility of this camera, I also mounted a clip where I show the maximum extension that this folding can reach, 52 cm, which will allow you to use all the optics dedicated to 4×5 on the market.

Order one here:

Michelangelo 4×5 folding camera

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Come la scorsa settimana, anche oggi vi mostrerò una intrigante configurazione della Michelangelo 4×5, in legno di cipresso e fibra di carbonio, ma abbinata ad un accessorio davvero utile, soprattutto per chi predilige ottiche grandangolari, ovvero il soffietto floscio.

Il soffietto floscio (o a sacco) infatti vi permette di utilizzare gli ampi movimenti che la Michelangelo vi mette a disposizione anche quando le due standarte sono molto vicine, situazione tipica di quando si utilizzano ottiche dal 90 mm in giù.

Come da tradizione anche questo soffietto è facilmente intercambiabile con il soffietto tradizionale grazie al sistema magnetico, marchio di fabbrica delle fotocamere StenopeiKa.

Per farvi vedere la versatilità di questa fotocamera, ho anche montato una clip dove faccio vedere l’estensione massima che può raggiungere questa folding, ben 52 cm, che vi permetterà di utilizzare tutte le ottiche dedicate al 4×5 presenti sul mercato.

Ordinane una qua

Michelangelo 4×5 folding camera

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How to use your 4×5 and 5×7 film holders on Hyper Camera 8×10

Ciao Ragazzi!

Do you have 4×5 and 5×7 holders but are afraid to switch to the 8×10 format?
No problem!
Today I’ll show you how to use your 4×5 and 5×7 film holders with a reduction back on Hyper camera 8×10 advanced.
So click below and enter the world of the 8×10 format:
Hyper camera 8x10



Sinar shutter on Hyper Camera 5×7

Ciao ragazzi

From today you can also use your Sinar shutter on the Hyper camera 5×7 using a magnetic adapter made by me specifically for a customer.

As you can see from the video, these are two magnetic flanges that will allow you to remove the shutter whenever you want and then use the camera with or without this accessory without any modification.

now it’s your turn 😉

Hyper camera 5×7 advanced

Adapter for Sinar shutter on Hyper camera

Hyper camera 5×7 with bag bellows and reduction 4×5

Ciao Ragazzi

today I will show you a configuration that allows you to take advantage of the wide movements of the Hyper 5×7 thanks to the bag bellows, and the 4×5 reduction to be able to use your lenses!

Hyper camera 5x7

Enjoy it 🙂

camera + dark cloth = Stenopeika + Wanderer

Ciao ragazzi

today a double presentation, we have the Stenopeika 810se2 total black edition folding camera (iroko wood painted black with a carbon fiber base) and the new collaboration with the dark clothes of the Wanderer!

From today, therefore, you can receive a Stenopeika camera with a dark cloth of your choice in the wide Wonderer range!

Stenopeika 810se2 folding camera

Salva modificheinterchangeable bellows on Hyper Camera 4×5

Ciao ragazzi!

more info here and if you want to stay update: https://www.stenopeika.com/hyper-bag-bellows/

Today I will show you how easy it is to replace the traditional bellows with a bag bellows even on the cheaper Stenopeika camera: the Hyper camera 4×5 basic.

But why change the bellows?

Because some lenses, especially those under 90mm, making very close the standard and crush so much the folds of the bellows that prevent camera movements.

It is therefore necessary a bag bellows to be able to fully exploit the movements even with this type of lens.

I would point out that the interchangeable bellows, for cameras at this price, is a rather rare virtue 🙂

Ciao a tutti!

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New member of wetplate holder family – Wetplate holder 11×14″

Ciao ragazzi!

Today I’ll show you the whole family of the large format wetplate holders by stenopeika and also a new member, the wetplate holder 11×14″.

Like its brothers also 11×14″ wetplate holder is made of plastic with the aluminum front, in this case also the black slide is made of aluminum.

It opens like a book like all my holders, and loads the plate from the back, it has two magnetic clasps and a mechanism with tabs at the ends of the rear part.

In compliance with international regulations, it is compatible with all 11×14″ cameras on the market.

So enjoy the video!!!

But now it’s your turn:

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