Magnetic camera Stenopeika 810se2 folding cypress wood

Ciao ragazzi!

I finally managed to publish a video about the legendary StenopeiKa 810se2 folding camera, the first completely magnetic camera in the StenopeiKa line.

So in the video you could see the features and the movements of the camera, i hope you like it.

Technical features:

Format: 8×10″

Type: Folding camera
Materials: Wood (cypress or iroko) and aluminium
Max extension: 630 mm
Min extension (without tilt): 75 mm

Movements front standard:
Rise/fall: 6/4,8 cm
Shift: +/- 3 cm
Tilt: 25°/23,5°
Swing: +/-12°
Tilt from baseboard: 90°/ bellows limited

Movements rear standard:
Tilt from baseboard: 90°/ 20°
Swing: +/-12°

Close dimensions: 33cm X 30cm X 13,5cm
Weight: 4,6 Kg (cypress)

Lens board: sinar

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