Fear of large format??? 7 answers for your questions

I know, I understand you look out into the world of large format can be scary, especially for those who have never seen a camera like this before, I’ve been there too and for this reason I created the Hyper Camera line, I have you showed in the past few days, and since I got a lot of questions I also decided to make a video in which I try to answer the 7 questions I get asked most frequently.

I don’t pretend to be exhaustive, the topic “large format” is very vast, but I hope to be useful to give you the first tips, if you want to deepen in a definitive way the topic there is also a video course (here: https://www.stenopeika.com/categoria-prodotto/video-courses/) held by the legendary Giulio Speranza… about this … Giulio has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish a photographic book made on the Gran Sasso, then on the Apennines, made entirely in 4×5 “, support it too!!!

See you soon!


lo so, ti capisco affacciarsi al mondo del grande formato può spaventare, soprattutto per chi non ha mai visto prima dal vero una fotocamera di questo tipo, ci sono passato anch’io e per questo motivo che ho creato la linea Hyper Camera, vi ho fatto vedere nei giorni scorsi, e siccome mi sono arrivate molte domande ho deciso anche di realizzare un video in cui cerco di rispondere alle 7 domande che mi vengono fatte più frequentemente.

Non pretendo di essere esaustivo, l’argomento “grande formato” è molto vasto, però spero di essere utile per darvi le prime dritte, se volete approfondire in maniera definitiva l’argomento c’è anche un video corso (qua: https://www.stenopeika.com/categoria-prodotto/video-courses/) tenuto dal mitico Giulio Speranza, a proposito Giulio ha lanciato una campagna di raccolta fondi per pubblicare un libro fotografico realizzato sul Gran Sasso, quindi sull’appennino, realizzato interamente in 4×5″, sostenetelo anche voi!!!

A presto!

the 3 steps in large format photography – free tutorial

Ciao Ragazzi

today I propose a tutorial kindly made by Giulio Speranza, on how to shoot in large format and on the use of movements on a large format camera, the tutorial is divided into 3 videos (one for each step), if you want to see the others too you just have to go here:

I want others 2 videos

enjoy it 🙂

for you… don’t be afraid of the large format photography!

Ciao ragazzi!

great news for 2019!

In fact for 2019 I renewed the homepage of the site, trying to make it easier.

Now, on the homepage www.stenopeika.com, you will find the product categories, first the cameras and then the accessories, in the middle the big news for 2019: the free resources and video courses.

In fact, over the years I met many people interested in large format photography but afraid of the camera that for newcomers may seem very complex, so with the collaboration of Giulio Speranza in recent months we have recorded a complete video course that helps the beginners to start with your own large format camera.

I hope you like these news and best wishes for a happy new year!


Ciao ragazzi!

The 3rd video of FREE TUTORIAL how to use the large format camera outside is available!

I remember you if you want to receive the others 2 video for free click here:

i want others 2 videos



FREE TUTORIAL How to shoot outside with large format camera

Ciao Ragazzi!

Today super news!!!!!

I’ll not show you a camera today but i offer you a FREE TUTORIAL to shoot outside with large format camera.

This is the first of 3 videos, you could receive the others 2 videos for free if you click here:


In the end of this series you could receive also a list of the equipment used during the shooting.

The professor will be Giulio Speranza, large format photographer and StenopeiKa’s tester.

Together we went on 00 trail on the central Apennines between Pistoia e Bologna, to take a landscape picture of Gennaio Peak and Corno alle Scale Peak.

In this video Giulio will explain all the steps before the shot, he will use the StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera:


was born to shoot in the extreme weather conditions

In the next video he will explain the mounting of the camera for exposure and shooting.

Enjoy it 😉

help me! the monster camera! 16×20″ tailboard by StenopeiKa

Ciao Ragazzi!

this week we have a monster!!! 🙂

In this weekly video i’ll show you one of bigger camera of StenopeiKa line, the StenopeiKa 16×20″ tailboard modular camera, in this case, iroko wood, with movements only on the back standard.

I remind you that this is just one of the many configurations available, and you could built your camera directly on the configurator that you find on the web site, here:

StenopeiKa tailboard camera – build your camera

If you have a problem with a website you can find the tutorial to use the configurator:

Tutorial build your camera

Tutorial how to make a focus ground glass

ciao Ragazzi

first video of 2018 and first tutorial experience, i hope that you like it and it can be useful to you.

Tutorial subject: how to make a focus ground glass for your 8×10 camera.

First of all i use a 2 mm thickness extra clear glass, cut to fit the frame of my 8×10 folding camera, with a chamfer of 1.5 cm for each corner.

Before the sanding phase I make sure to eliminate the remaining dangerous edges.

Only at this point i start with sanding phase with carborundum. I put carborundum and water (a little bit) on the ground glass and i use other small glass to proceed with sanding phase. Also with patience I distribute and “scratch” the glass with circular movements until the water is absorbed.

When the he water is absorbed i wash and dry the glass to check the result, if it is not uniform, I repeat the sanding phase.

To obtain the ground glass in the video i need to repeat the sanding phase 3 times.

See you in the next video!