For the Black Friday 2017 FORBIDDEN to have more doubts about your camera configuration

Ciao Ragazzi!

With this new video, this week, i would like to show you the possibility of tailboard camera; the small camera size despite the giant size (11×14 “is really big), the low weight, and the possibility to build as you want thanks the a wide range of accessories available, every, or almost, magnetic.

In the video I present a 11×14” camera, but all features, magnetic bellows, reduction back ect, are replicable on other formats, i repeat for the new friends that this camera is expandable in format and length, and also you can add movements to the standards also in a second time (you can see video here)

Like every time that i present a new camera, i have a special offer for that you follow me, if you insert your date bellow, you’ll receive 3 video extra with the secrets of StenopeiKa 11×14″ tailboard modular camera and, if you follow and accept the offer, a large format accessory for free.

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