Are STENOPEIKA AIR FORCE the best camera for large format beginners?

I have spectacular news to share with you, straight from the world of photographic wonders! Steffen, one of our knowledgeable large format friends, was so dazzled by the superior quality of our brand-new Air Force 4×5 that he felt like he had plunged into the ocean of photographic perfection! ūüĆä

After comparing our Air Force 4×5 with its predecessor, the Hyper camera 4×5, Steffen made a statement that filled us with joy: “The Air Force 4×5 is the ultimate large format camera for beginners. It’s as if photographers had taken a bite of the forbidden apple and discovered the paradise of photography!” (***). Wow, Steffen, you truly are a miracle narrator!

But let’s get to the point: Steffen has prepared a video showcasing the Air Force 4×5 in all its magnificence, revealing its improvements over the previous model. Here’s the surprise: the Hyper camera 4×5 was already an excellent camera, but our Air Force 4×5 has taken it to another dimension! We’re giving SpaceX some competition, Elon, get ready! ūüöÄūüöÄūüöÄūüöÄ

It’s true, the price of the new Air Force 4×5 is slightly higher than that of the Hyper camera 4×5. But listen closely, my friend: the difference in value is simply out of this world! The stability is mind-blowing, the usability is a dream come true, and the camera’s versatility will make your photos shine like stars in the sky. Let’s just say it’s like going from an old steam engine to the DeLorean from “Back to the Future”! ūüĆüūüöó

So, if you’re looking to take your photography game to cosmic heights, whether you’re waiting for Elon Musk to take you to Mars or if you’re in a bit of a hurry, or maybe you simply don’t feel like leaving Earth, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Click the picture and join Steffen in his enthusiasm for the Air Force 4×5.

But let’s be clear: the Hyper camera 4×5 was already a gem of photography at a truly affordable price range. It had its strengths, but the new Air Force 4×5 surpasses them all. However, I don’t want to spoil the excitement for you, so watch the video for yourself.

So, get comfortable, grab a coffee, and let yourself be inspired by Steffen and his extraordinary experience.

WARNING!!! You might end up being infected by his boundless passion!

Shoot in style, and we’ll talk soon!



*** Actually, he only said, “The Air Force 4×5 is the ultimate large format camera for beginners,” but the rest of the sentence fit well.

Camera product page:

If you don’t want to miss all the news this is the right link:

Ho una notizia spettacolare da condividere con te che viene direttamente dal mondo delle meraviglie fotografiche!
Steffen, uno dei nostri amici esperti di grande formato, √® rimasto cos√¨ folgorato dalla qualit√† superiore della nostra nuovissima Air Force 4×5 che si √® sentito come se avesse fatto un tuffo nell’oceano della perfezione fotografica! ūüĆä

Dopo aver messo a confronto la nostra Air Force 4×5 con il suo predecessore, la Hyper camera 4×5, Steffen ha fatto una dichiarazione che ci ha fatto sbuffare di gioia: “La Air Force 4×5 √® la fotocamera di grande formato definitiva per principianti, √® come se i fotografi avessero mangiato la mela del peccato e scoperto il paradiso della fotografia!” (***). Wow, Steffen, sei davvero un narratore dei miracoli!

Ma ora veniamo al punto: Steffen ha preparato un video che mostra la Air Force 4×5 in tutta la sua magnificenza, svelando i suoi miglioramenti rispetto al modello precedente. Ecco la sorpresa: la Hyper camera 4×5 era gi√† un’ottima fotocamera, ma la nostra Air Force 4×5 ha sollevato il livello a un’altra dimensione! Stiamo facendo concorrenza alla spaceX, Elon preparati!!!!¬†ūüöÄūüöÄūüöÄūüöÄ

√ą vero, il prezzo della nuova Air Force 4×5 √® leggermente superiore rispetto alla Hyper camera 4×5. Ma ascoltami¬†bene¬†amico mio: la differenza di valore √® semplicemente stratosferica! La stabilit√† √® sbalorditiva, l’usabilit√† √® un sogno che si avvera e la versatilit√† della fotocamera far√† brillare le vostre foto come stelle nel firmamento. Diciamo che √®¬†come passare da una vecchia macchina a vapore alla Deloreandi ritorno al futuro!¬†ūüĆüūüöó

Quindi, se state cercando di alzare il vostro gioco fotografico a un livello cosmico, o aspettate che Elon Musk vi porti su Marte oppure, se avete un po’ di fretta, o magari semplicemente non ve la sentite di lasciare la terra, non lasciatevi sfuggire questa occasione!

Fai clic sul l’immagine e unisciti a Steffen nel suo entusiasmo per la Air Force 4×5.

Ma vogliamo essere chiari: la Hyper camera 4×5 era gi√† un gioiello della fotografia per una fascia di prezzo davvero economica. Aveva i suoi punti di forza, ma la nuova Air Force 4×5 li supera tutti, ma non ti voglio togliere il gusto di guardare il video.

Quindi mettiti comodo. prenditi un caffè e lasciati ispirare da Steffen e dalla sua esperienza straordinaria.

AVVERTENZA!!!! potresti finire per essere contagiato dalla sua passione sfrenata!

Scatta con stile e ci sentiamo presto!



*** in realt√† ha solo detto “La Air Force 4×5 √® la fotocamera di grande formato definitiva per principianti” per√≤ il resto della frase ci stava bene.

Di seguito la pagina del prodotto:

Se non volete rimanere perdervi tutte le novità questo è il link giusto:

This time in iroko wood – StenopeiKa 810se2 magnetic folding camera

Ciao ragazzi!

Continues the discovery of the various configurations of the StenopeiKa 810se2 folding camera,¬†obviously these configurations are applicable to almost all StenopeiKa’s cameras.

Today, in the video, I’ll show you the wooden configuration of iroko and teak color, for me the most elegant combination, remember that you can also have a cherry and black color.

The technical features of the camera do not change compared to the cypress version presented in the previous video:

good vision ūüôā

Silvano Magnone wetplate collodion with StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera

Ciao Ragazzi!

Weekend with wet collodion photography with Silvano Magnone and friends of the Aurea association in Rome.

For the occasion we used a Stenopeika 45se2 folding camera with StenopeiKa 4×5 wetplate holder.

It was also an opportunity to test the great feature of this camera (besides having all the movements both on the front and on the back like a view camera), that is the rigidity, by mounting a heavy brass lens of the mid-800 that Silvano uses for his portraits in the studio.the camera is not moved by a millimeter and the workshop participants have been able to use it all afternoon without any problem, personally¬†I’m very happy with this.

You can find other pictures here:

See you in the next video!

StenopeiKa stories – Im Anina #2

Ciao Ragazzi!

As the last week, today i’ll show you the 2nd video of series “StenopeiKa Stories – Im Anina”.

If you follow me you know that i’m not only a camera maker but also a photographer, and i love take picture to persons and landscape, so thank to this my passions, i received an invitation to partecipate to Im Anina project.

A multi-cultural project with a noble purpose: to valorize de-industrialization and to discover the industrial beauties of a small Romanian city on the border with Serbia.

I say “yes”¬†before they finished to telling me.

So today i’ll show you the second¬†chapter of the series “StenopeiKa stories, not only cameras” with the second video during the pictures series in Romania

For this project Paolo Mazzo, professional photographer, used a StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera.

How to convert your wetplate camera into a film camera with film holder StenopeiKa


This morning i’ll show a new product that¬†integrates even more the Stenopeika offer for a traditional photographer.

With a NEW FILM HOLDER StenopeiKa is possible and very very easy convert your wetplate camera into a film camera.
In the video i’ll show you a new film holder and i explain the features.

QUESTION: why choose a magnetic film holder?

Because… SPOILER for the next video:

  1. with this new accessory you could save the money for fidelity film holders back
  2. for a ultra large format is easier to insert a chassis from behind that does not fit it on the side
  3. very nice design because is the same of your camera

So now you just have to watch the video!

I remeber you who the black friday 2017 offer is still active, and you could receive the holder in the video for free if you accept the offer here.


WHY sutter pop-up tent for collodion photography?

Ciao Ragazzi!

This time we go out from my workspace to take picture outside with StenopeiKa 5×7 tailboard modular camera, Sine-igne 200 mm f4 wooden lens and…¬†try the new sutter pop-up tent for ice fishing.

For the¬†location, thanks to Lorenzo, it was possible to choose the alpine refuge “Faggione delle valli” located in a Acquerino natural park, very wonderful natural park near my work space, in the mountains between Pistoia and Prato (Tuscany, Italy).

The sutter tent is a very confortable pop-up tent, after 2/3 times is possible to open it in only 1 minute, and disassemble in the same time. Thank to the bag pack you can transport it without problem in any locations.

The tent was born for ice fishing so, in different areas it filters the light from the outside, but with a black adhesive tape is possible to have a really good hold of light and work in serenity.

I did not see any qualitative differences with the most popular quick-fish eskimo (type 2), and if you consider that the sutter is also found in Europe, i think it is a great advantage for European collodion photographers that want a definitively solution for take pictures with collodion outside (and sometimes also inside).

The only negative note concerns the height, in fact for now I found only the model with high 1.70 meters, for me is ok but for the tallest friends this can surely represent a problem.

So, I hope you like the video, see you next time!

And don’t forgot to¬†subscribe to the newsletter to be updated:

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Find out who is talking on the web today

Catlabs added an interesting video on its YouTube channel.

He speak about the custom 8×10 wetplate holder that i make for him with 8×10 full size¬†208√ó257 mm mainly used in the United States market.

Like the last versions of holders i use only plastic and metals (aluminium), i don’t use wood to¬†avoid contamination.

For the United States friends you can find it on Catlabs website  here, so you save much money for shipment.