How to change format with StenopeiKa tailboard modular camera

Hi Guys

after the presentation of my new StenopeiKa 8×10 tailboard modular camera, i received many questions about this modularity.

StenopeiKa 5×7 tailboard modular camera without movements and native wetplate holder

For that reasons i made a video (here) to show you the simplicity of the operation (change the format with same camera) and also i write this article to explain better the other possibilities of tailboard camera.


So, to made the video, for test and for workshop, i always use a 5×7″ tailboard with a start configuration without movements but with native wetplate holder (rendering on the left, without bellow).

StenopeiKa 5×7 tailboard camera, standard configuration+ 1 base board + 1 back body

In this configuration the focus glass in on other magnetic frame, magnetic like frames bellow and native wetplate holder, that you remove after the focus setup.

How i tried to explain in the video, as well as changing the size simply by changing the back body, you can add baseboards (and back bodies) to stretch the bellows extension as you want.

StenopeiKa 5×7 tailboard camera with movements on the front

In the picture on the right you could see an example of this kind of configuration (standard camera + 1 additional base board + 1 back body + 1 bellow not in the picture), note well that you can re-use the same wetplate holder.

StenopeiKa 5×7 tailboard camera with movements on the front and on the back bodies

In addition to this, as I said in the last video, the bodies can be changed with others having the movements, like the next pictures.

The bodies can be changed at any time, also the addiotinal base board.

With the top configuration you will have a camera with movements like monorail view camera but easier to transport.

So… why do you wait again?


Choose your configuration here!

StenopeiKa 8×10 Tailboard modular camera, build your camera!

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Hi Guys, welcome to my website.

I open this new section with a video presentation of my new camera: StenopeiKa 8×10 tailboard modular camera.

Why this kind of camera? Why not a folding camera?

Stenopeika tailboard modular camera, is a new concept of large format camera, magnetic, modular, you can choose a configuration today and change tomorrow with same camera (without changes).

This camera was born for everyone who haven’t got clear ideas of format and technique that he want to make. With this camera a photographer without a clear idea could start his photographic activities with a little budget and change the camera features in any moments during the camera life.

Many times i find a photographers (professionals and/or amateurs) that want to star with collodion technique but for collodion 4×5 is too small, 8×10 is too big to start but 5×7 isn’t a good format for film, don’t need movements to save money and/or want use also the film some times so… the impossible camera… for that kind of photographer I thought this camera, magnetic and modular so that at any time you can add / remove accessories, bodies with other formats with or without movements, base boards, bellows, all configurables and interchangeables, when it close, the dimensions is not so bigger than a folding camera, and also, with top configuration, you could have a camera with all movements in both bodies, all in one camera.

And also, if you are a collodion photographer you save money, because a the same price of folding camera, you have a tailboard “full configuration” and wetplate holder.

So… BUILD YOUR CAMERA! choose your configuration today and change it tomorrow (with same camera)