NEW MAGNETIC CAMERA! StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera

Ciao Ragazzi!

Today is a great day! Is the day of the official presentation of the new 4×5″ folding camera, model StenopeiKa 45se2.

After many months of testing with photographer Giulio Speranza (thank you for the pictures) and me I’m finally ready to launch this camera that is “younger sister” of the legendary StenopeiKa 810se2 folding camera, in fact it takes up almost all the mechanics, obviously re-adapted to the 4×5 “format, but keeping the thicknesses and then returning a truly solid and indestructible camera.

But, to make it look more like a large format monorail camera, I’ve also added raise, fall and shift on the rear standard, in this mode I turned a classic folding camera into a really large format camera with these features:

Maximumextension: 370 mm
Minimum extension: 100mm ( 0 mm with tilt)

Front standard movements:
Rise: 6 cm
Fall: 4.8 cm
Shift: 2.2 cm per side
Tilt: 25° upwards; 23.5° down
Swing: 12 ° per side
Tilt from baseboard: 90° onwards-limited by the bellows back.

Rear standard movements:
Rise: 2.4 cm
Fall: 2 cm
Shift: 1.7 cm per side
Tilt from baseboard: forward limited by the bellows, back 29°
Swing: 24° per side

Closed dimensions: 27cm X 27cm X 13.5cm
Weight: 3,100 Kg

Like all StenopeiKa cameras is available in iroko wood, cypress and … olive wood!

As I wrote in the title, the camera is completely magnetic (except for the lens board) and in the video you can see how it self-assembly, and how easy it is to change the chassis from vertical to horizontal and vice versa.

So if you want to discover more details of this camera i make also other video where I show more details, if you are interested in seeing it, just click here:

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See you in the next video.

Ciao a tutti!

Tutorial how to make a focus ground glass

ciao Ragazzi

first video of 2018 and first tutorial experience, i hope that you like it and it can be useful to you.

Tutorial subject: how to make a focus ground glass for your 8×10 camera.

First of all i use a 2 mm thickness extra clear glass, cut to fit the frame of my 8×10 folding camera, with a chamfer of 1.5 cm for each corner.

Before the sanding phase I make sure to eliminate the remaining dangerous edges.

Only at this point i start with sanding phase with carborundum. I put carborundum and water (a little bit) on the ground glass and i use other small glass to proceed with sanding phase. Also with patience I distribute and “scratch” the glass with circular movements until the water is absorbed.

When the he water is absorbed i wash and dry the glass to check the result, if it is not uniform, I repeat the sanding phase.

To obtain the ground glass in the video i need to repeat the sanding phase 3 times.

See you in the next video!

3 reasons to choose tailboard modular camera

Ciao Ragazzi!

In wishing you a happy new year, I leave 2017 with a new video: 3 reasons to choose tailboard modular camera.

1) modular: every parts of this kind of camera are interchangeable, and every parts will be replace with other in any moments without modifies on camera

2) Custom for you: you can build YOUR CAMERA in your favorite configuration with a configurator directly on the web site here

3) You decide how much spend: thank to the configurator you can choose your favorite configuration based on the budget and technical needs of the moment, quiet that in the future you can change the configuration without having to spend for a new camera.

should i change idea in the future?
at any time you can change configuration without making changes to the camera and decide how much to spend.

Happy new year!

StenopeiKa stories – Im Anina #2

Ciao Ragazzi!

As the last week, today i’ll show you the 2nd video of series “StenopeiKa Stories – Im Anina”.

If you follow me you know that i’m not only a camera maker but also a photographer, and i love take picture to persons and landscape, so thank to this my passions, i received an invitation to partecipate to Im Anina project.

A multi-cultural project with a noble purpose: to valorize de-industrialization and to discover the industrial beauties of a small Romanian city on the border with Serbia.

I say “yes” before they finished to telling me.

So today i’ll show you the second chapter of the series “StenopeiKa stories, not only cameras” with the second video during the pictures series in Romania

For this project Paolo Mazzo, professional photographer, used a StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera.

Stenopeika stories – Im Anina project

Ciao Ragazzi!

today new blog category “Stenopeika stories” with new video about a photographic project “Im Anina” where I’m participating in the dual role of photographer and camera builder. For all those who do not know me, I started as a photographer and then become a builder and I still offer my knowledge for workshops around Italy.

thanks to my double skill I have been invited also in romania to take part in this very interesting project for the redevelopment of the Romanian communist industrial heritage with other Romanian and Italian professionals, architects, geologists and photographers.

Anina is a small town near the Serbian border, home to the deepest coal mining well in Eastern Europe. The mining industry worked since 2007 and today is a typical deindustrialized city left to itself, but with an incredible industrial heritage.

last year we worked on the architectural part, but this year we focused on the people who decided to stay despite the few possibilities that the city offers today.

For this project Paolo Mazzo, professional photographer, used a StenopeiKa 45se2 folding camera.

SAVE your Polaroid type 100 camera – New project – Video Presentation

Ciao Ragazzi

Today I present a new and ambitious project.

For some time I’ve been working with a team of professionals to realize an idea: SAVE TYPE 100 CAMERAS.

The name of this team is TINTEAM:

As you know Fuji has put out all the films of this type and Polaroid Originals CEO with an open letter has said that no recovery of this format is planned in the near or near future.

So this plan of work has been born that has been carefully tested in the last few weeks and I want to share the results with you … What is it?

WITHOUT any modification to your Type 100 cameras you will be able to produce gorgeous Ambrotype or Tintype, the cameras with a tripod hole are preferred, but it is not absolutely essential.

The resulting images have the same useful surface as the 100 films.

We will not do any Kick Starter or anything else, we will produce the production that will be presented in January 2018 at MYINSTANTLIFE in Maranello, if you want to stay up to date follow us on StenopeiKa website or on Facebook page here

In the video me and Alan we try to explain the project, soon you’ll can see also the first tests results.

In any case if you want to be update specify on this subject insert your email here:

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How to convert your wetplate camera into a film camera with film holder StenopeiKa


This morning i’ll show a new product that integrates even more the Stenopeika offer for a traditional photographer.

With a NEW FILM HOLDER StenopeiKa is possible and very very easy convert your wetplate camera into a film camera.
In the video i’ll show you a new film holder and i explain the features.

QUESTION: why choose a magnetic film holder?

Because… SPOILER for the next video:

  1. with this new accessory you could save the money for fidelity film holders back
  2. for a ultra large format is easier to insert a chassis from behind that does not fit it on the side
  3. very nice design because is the same of your camera

So now you just have to watch the video!

I remeber you who the black friday 2017 offer is still active, and you could receive the holder in the video for free if you accept the offer here.


For the Black Friday 2017 FORBIDDEN to have more doubts about your camera configuration

Ciao Ragazzi!

With this new video, this week, i would like to show you the possibility of tailboard camera; the small camera size despite the giant size (11×14 “is really big), the low weight, and the possibility to build as you want thanks the a wide range of accessories available, every, or almost, magnetic.

In the video I present a 11×14” camera, but all features, magnetic bellows, reduction back ect, are replicable on other formats, i repeat for the new friends that this camera is expandable in format and length, and also you can add movements to the standards also in a second time (you can see video here)

Like every time that i present a new camera, i have a special offer for that you follow me, if you insert your date bellow, you’ll receive 3 video extra with the secrets of StenopeiKa 11×14″ tailboard modular camera and, if you follow and accept the offer, a large format accessory for free.

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