Hyper camera 4×5 butterfly wings – Mark 3

Ciao ragazzi!
today is the big day!
As I anticipated last week, today I’ll show you the new Hyper camera 4×5 butterfly wings mark 3
I think this camera has everything he needs for those who want to start with the large format photography:
Compactness: 20x22x9 cm
Portability: only 1.5 kg of weight
Robustness: steel guides and aluminum metal supports
Easy of use: 6 adjustments with well-visible knobs
Upgradability: unlike other cameras of the same price, this has the ability to mount the wide-angle bellows for very wide angle lenses (75 mm for example) and to replace the traditional focusing glass with a 2 in 1 fresnel glass for better vision at the ends, now this information will tell you little but after the course you will understand well that this is great added value
These are the technical characteristics of the camera:
Movements on the front:
Rise Fall +/- 3 cm
Tilting on horizontal axis from the base + 20 / -90 °
Tilting on horizontal axis from the lens-board limited by the bellows
Tilting on vertical axis +/- 14 °
Movements on the back:
Tilting on horizontal axis from the base + 20 / -90 °
Tilting on vertical axis +/- 14 °
Maximum extension 36 cm
Minimum extension 6 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Lensboard linhof
Tripod socket with two 1/4 ″ and 3/8 ″ holes
You find other pictures here:
Hyper camera 4x5 butterfly wings
Oggi è il grande giorno!
Come anticipato la scorsa settimana, oggi ti mostrerò la nuova Hyper camera 4x5 butterfly wings mark 3.
Penso che questa fotocamera abbia tutto ciò di cui ha bisogno per coloro che vogliono iniziare con la fotografia di grande formato:
- Compattezza: 20x22x9 cm
- Trasportabilità: solo 1,5 kg di peso
- Robustezza: guide in acciaio e supporti metallici in alluminio
- Facilità di utilizzo: 6 regolazioni con pomelli ben in vista
- Aggiornabilità: a differenza della altre fotocamere di pari prezzo questa ha la possibilità di montare il soffietto grandangolare per lenti grandangolari molto spinte (75 mm per esempio) e di sostituire il vetro di messa a fuoco tradizionale con un vetro fresnel 2 in 1 per visione migliore alle estremità, adesso queste informazioni vi diranno poco ma dopo il corso capirete bene che questo è grande valore aggiunto
Queste le caratteristiche tecniche della fotocamera:
Movimenti sulla parte frontale:
Decentramento verticale +/- 3 cm
Basculaggio su asse orizzontale dalla base +20/-90°
Basculaggio su asse orizzontale dalla lens-board limitato dal soffietto
Basculaggio su asse verticale +/- 14°
Movements on the back:
Basculaggio su asse orizzontale dalla base +20/-90°
Basculaggio su asse verticale +/- 14°
Massima estensione 36 cm
Minima estensione 6 cm
Peso 1,5 kg
Lensboard linhof
Supporto treppiede con due fori 1/4″ e 3/8″
puoi trovare altre foto qua:
Hyper camera 4x5 butterfly wings

Black Friday 2019 on fire with Hyper camera 4×5

small preview of the new product that will be presented next Monday, but if you are curious, you want to know it before the others and receive an exclusive offer for the Black Friday, then click below:

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How make multiple exposures with pins register

ciao ragazzi!

Today I’ll try to solve a problem!

Yes, you understood correctly!

Have you ever tried to make contact prints with multiple exposures using the same negative? For example the bichromate printing process?

Surely you will have invented everything to put back the correct position of the paper-negative combination, holes, tweezers, adhesive tape, etc. etc.

Today I propose a solution, that is, two convenient plastic pins to be placed on the paper and on the negative, which coincide perfectly with two other metal pins present on the frame of your press.

simple and practical!

watch the video to know how

You can find the contact print frame here:

Contact print frame

How to use your 4×5 and 5×7 film holders on Hyper Camera 8×10

Ciao Ragazzi!

Do you have 4×5 and 5×7 holders but are afraid to switch to the 8×10 format?
No problem!
Today I’ll show you how to use your 4×5 and 5×7 film holders with a reduction back on Hyper camera 8×10 advanced.
So click below and enter the world of the 8×10 format:
Hyper camera 8x10



StenopeiKa 16×20 another giant camera

Ciao ragazzi!

After the presentation fo Stenopeika 14×17 folding camera last week, today is the turn of the another giant camera, the StenopeiKa 16×20 folding camera.

So the video explain better the me than work inside this kind of camera, I hope you like it.

You can find the camera here:

Stenopeika 16x20

See you on the next video!

Stenopeika 14×17 folding camera – mark 2

Ciao ragazzi

One year after the presentation of the 14×17 model, today I will show you some improvements I have made to the project to make it even more rigid and user friendly.

For example I changed the guides to the maximum extension of the front part, much more rigid even at the maximum extension leaving the system of fast focusing unchanged. To make the rear part easier and more aesthetically pleasing, I have also modified the lever system for the rear glass door frame, now it’s even easier to insert your chassis.

Enjoy it!

StenopeiKa 14x17

when tradition meets technology – X camera 4×5 carbon fiber and olive wood

Ciao ragazzi!

After the version with olive wood, Tuscan cypress wood and Iroko wood, today I’ll show you the last version of X camera 4×5, with olive wood  but with carbon fiber instead of aluminum parts.

replacing aluminum with carbon fiber makes the camera much more rigid while maintaining the technical characteristics unchanged (dimensions and movements).

Furthermore, for the launch of this new product there is a super offer for you, watch the video and follow the instructions:

next step

Sinar shutter on Hyper Camera 5×7

Ciao ragazzi

From today you can also use your Sinar shutter on the Hyper camera 5×7 using a magnetic adapter made by me specifically for a customer.

As you can see from the video, these are two magnetic flanges that will allow you to remove the shutter whenever you want and then use the camera with or without this accessory without any modification.

now it’s your turn 😉

Hyper camera 5×7 advanced

Adapter for Sinar shutter on Hyper camera